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Microscopy facility training and access

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    "The CBE Microscopy Facility is a research-only facility. That is, the facilities manager trains all users to do their own imaging, and is not available on an imaging-for-hire basis. If you think to would like to use the facility to do your research, first get an idea of what approach you might take, from other researchers or published literature, for example, find out which fluorescence dyes, probes or proteins you might use. Then contact the facilities manager to discuss the work you would like to do. We will find out then if we have the right equipment for you, and if we are a good match. If so, you will schedule training sessions on the epifluorescent microscopes and software, which are generally two 2-hour sessions, one-on-one only. If you have adequate experience on epifluorescent microscopes and software, this will be obvious, and we will adjust the sessions accordingly. If you need to use the confocal microscope, the same training format will apply, and follows the epifluorescent scope training. All users begin facilities use on the epifluorescent microscopes." Significant expertise is available with respect to biofilm imaging. $1500/person/year.
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    Pitts, Betsey
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    Microscopy Core Facility
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