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    For appropriate collaborators, this core can provide training and access to unique instrumentation allowing the processing and imaging of unique and recalcitrant tissues.
  3. Contact
    Lamm, Ellen-Therese
  4. Related Resource
    VWR 1410 vacuum oven
  5. Related Resource
    Buehler Ecomet 3 8' grinder/polisher
  6. Related Resource
    Buehler Ecomet 4 12' grinder/polisher
  7. Related Resource
    Thin Sectioning System
  8. Related Resource
    Leica DMEP Microscope
  9. Related Resource
    Precision Trim Saw
  10. Related Resource
    Olympus BH2-RFCA Fluorescent Microscope
  11. Related Resource
    Felker 41-AR wet saw
  12. Related Resource
    Nikon Optiphot2-pol Microscope
  13. Related Resource
    Faxitron 43855A cabinet X-ray instrument
  14. Related Resource
    ASPEX Personal SEM
  15. Related Resource
    Nikon Eclipse E-600-pol Microscope
  16. Related Resource
    Leica Dissecting Microscope
  17. Related Resource
    Zeiss Axio Vert 40c inverted microscope
  18. Related Resource
    Leica Microscope Camera
  19. Related Resource
    Nikon Optiphot2-pol Microscope Camera
  20. Related Resource
    Nikon Optiphot2-pol Microscope Mechanical Stage
  21. Related Resource
    Nikon Eclipse E-600-pol Microscope Camera
  22. Related Resource
  23. Related Resource
  24. Related Resource
  25. Related Resource
  26. Service Provided by
    Paleohistology Core Laboratory
  27. Website(s)
  28. Related Protocol(s)
    Undecalcified extant species protocol
  29. Related Protocol(s)
    Undecalcified fossil protocol
  30. Related Protocol(s)
    Decalcified extant tissue protocol
  31. Related Protocol(s)
    Decalcified fossil species protocol
  32. Related Protocol(s)
    SEM preparation protocol
  33. Related Protocol(s)
    Automated slide scan protocol
  34. Related Technique
  35. Related Technique
    Scanning electron microscopy
  36. Related Technique
    Histological sample preparation
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