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Core Laboratories at Montana State University

This is a summary list of all core laboratories at Montana State University . The list includes links to more detailed information, which may also be found using the eagle-i search app.

Animal Resource Center


The Mission of the Animal Resources Center is to provide healthy animals for use in IACUC-approved research, educational and testing protocols at Montana State University,ensure that University research animals are cared for in a humane and appropriate manner by the provision of modern, well maintained facilities, trained personnel, technical support, veterinary care and monitoring of animal care and use, provide resources, technical assistance, and information for University researchers and educators in meeting the requirements of animal-related protocols, and ensure observance of ethical standards and federal regulations pertaining to the care and use of animals for research, education and testing at Montana State University.

Bioinformatics Core Laboratory


The mission of the bioinformatics core facility is three-fold: maintain equipment and software for bioinformatic research, promote bioinformatics education on the MSU campus, and provide training and support to biologists implementing bioinformatics tools in their research.

FACS Core Laboratory


Laboratory performs fluorescence cytometry services related to Immunology, Infectious Disease, and Immunostimulatory Compounds.

Imaging and Chemical Analysis Core Laboratory


Laboratory performs services related to Nanoscale Imaging, Microbial Adhesion, Force Spectroscopy, Nano Elasticity, Bioprobe Development Surface Functionalization, Laser-Activated Atom Migration, Nano Lithography. Biosafety Level-2 Certified.

Large animal BSL-2


The MSU Large Animal BSL-2 is a specially designed facility providing research space to house larger research animals (<400 lbs) with BSL-2 containment for immunology and infectious disease experiments.

Magnetic Resonance Core Laboratory


Research areas of this lab include: ceramics and foams, colloidal suspensions, biofilms, porous media, gels, and techniques and equipment.

Metabolomics Core Facility


Lab performs services related to Metabolomics and Metabolite Profiling.

Microscopy Core Facility


"The Center for Biofilm Engineering Microscopy Facility is a research-only facility on the MSU campus, located on the third floor of the EPS building. The Microscopy Facilities Manager trains and assists faculty, research staff and students with capturing images of samples via optical microscopy and fluorescent confocal microscopy. The microscopy facilities include three separate laboratories - the Optical Microscopy Lab, the Confocal Microscopy Lab, and the Microscope Resource Room and Digital Imaging Lab."

Large inventory of fluorescent stains. Inquire for availability, applications and collaborations.

Paleohistology Core Laboratory


Lab performs services related to paleontology, paleopathology, and paleohistology. This core houses significant expertise in processing and analysis of mineralized tissues.

Proteomics Core Laboratory


The mission of the Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Facility is to seed mass spectrometry and proteomics technology to research labs at Montana State University and affiliated programs.

Research Computing Group


Researchers face increasing challenges managing IT infrastructure. From software and servers, to data storage and back-ups, the Research Computing Group (RCG) is here to help you with all your IT needs as a researcher at MSU. We have the expertise to provide infrastructure for projects ranging from large-scale computation and storage to small-scale hosting. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

Subzero Science and Engineering Research Core Facility


"A unique and state-of-the-art suite of laboratories used to study the effects of the cold on projects across many scientific disciplines."

Facility contains multiple experiment rooms capable of maintaining subzero temperatures. Additional features include the capacity to simulate various other environmental conditions, e.g. solar radiation, humidity, etc.

Transmission Electron Microscopy Core Laboratory


The MSU EM Facility is a resource center for transmission electron microscopy, providing investigators with consultation, training, access to equipment and other services.

X-ray Crystallography Core Laboratory


The Montana State University Macromolecular Crystallography Facility provides modern facilities for macromolecular crystallization and structural analysis.

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