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Animal Resource Center


The Mission of the Animal Resources Center is to provide healthy animals for use in IACUC-approved research, educational and testing protocols at Montana State University,ensure that University research animals are cared for in a humane and appropriate manner by the provision of modern, well maintained facilities, trained personnel, technical support, veterinary care and monitoring of animal care and use, provide resources, technical assistance, and information for University researchers and educators in meeting the requirements of animal-related protocols, and ensure observance of ethical standards and federal regulations pertaining to the care and use of animals for research, education and testing at Montana State University.




  • Animal husbandry service ( Support service )

    Animals include cat, ferret, gerbil, guinea pig, hamster, leopard frog, macaque, mouse (BSL-2 biocontainment, BSL-3 biocontainment, specialized care), rabbit, rat, and xenopus.

  • Lab animal technician services ( Support service )

    Technician assistance/support for specialized lab animal care and procedures.

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