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Technology Transfer Office, Montana State University


The Montana State University Technology Transfer Office serves to protect and promote the intellectual property interests of the institution.



      Member: Mahurin, Rebecca
      Role: Director, Technology Transfer Office

      Member: Zelver, Nick
      Role: Associate Director, Technology Transfer Office



    • Biological materials transfer agreement service ( Support service )

      As genetically altered materials become more promising in the biotechnology area, it becomes necessary to protect the transfer of that material. MSU has its own standard agreement which, again, needs to be signed off by the TTO Office.

    • Confidentiality agreement service ( Support service )

      As researchers work with potentially patentable intellectual property, it is important to remember that any public disclosure (discussions, presentations, poster sessions, publications) may prohibit patenting. Using a confidentiality agreement can protect against such a bar to patenting. It is important that the university sign off on all confidentiality agreements. This step ensures that such agreement is appropriate and gives proper consideration to the university and the researcher.

    • Invention reporting service ( Support service )

      The TTO Office provides invention disclosure forms for documenting and disclosing inventions or developments that result from research performed at MSU or in collaboration with sponsors. This disclosure should be completed and returned to TTO for consideration of patenting activities.

    • Research/facilities use agreement service ( Access service )

      External people or faculty acting as consultants may, according to MSU's Facilities Use Policy, use research facilities for a fair price. The policy and forms are available from the TTO Office.

    • Sponsored research agreement service ( Access service )

      Faculty and companies considering sponsored or collaborative research are required to negotiate an agreement in advance. This agreement will clearly define the disposition of intellectual property and provide faculty with publication privileges.

    • Technology licensing ( Access service )

      The Technology Transfer Office at Montana State University actively engages partners seeking to develop and apply technologies developed by MSU researchers. Technologies currently available for license can be found at the website associated with this service.

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