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Research Computing Group

Director: Jacobs, Gwen


Researchers face increasing challenges managing IT infrastructure. From software and servers, to data storage and back-ups, the Research Computing Group (RCG) is here to help you with all your IT needs as a researcher at MSU. We have the expertise to provide infrastructure for projects ranging from large-scale computation and storage to small-scale hosting. Contact us to find out how we can help you.




  • Data management solutions ( Data maintenance service )

    "As many of the granting agencies begin to require data management plans, the RCG is ready to assist. Our experienced database designers and administrators develop comprehensive solutions for designing an infrastructure to capture, manage, store, and publish data. We support multiple datastores from the familiar relational-style such as SQL and PostGRES, to document databases like persevere and mongo db."

  • IT consulting and training ( Training service )

    "The RCG will provide consulting to researchers on campus to assist with their computational needs and their data management and analysis challenges.

    Training and Research opportunities for students: The RCG provides excellent opportunities for students interested in informatics research, data management and algorithm development as well as web development, systems administration training and customer support. Currently we have 3 MSU students working on projects within the RCG."

  • Managed server hosting ( Data storage service )

    "Virtual Server Hosting

    The RCG supplies virtual computing servers and data storage to clients at a significantly lower price point than individually purchased hardware. The infrastructure also provides these services much more reliably through the use of server/data back ups, uninterruptible power supplies, and cooling systems.
    Physical Server Hosting

    Managed Server hosting of physical machines in our datacenter is also available if a virtual machine does not meet the requirements for the research project.
    System Administration

    Our system administration services incorporate setup (which includes machine installation, user creation, software configuration, etc), maintenance (modifying users, installing and configuring new software, hardware repair, etc), as well as system and service monitoring and notifications."

  • Software development ( Material production service )

    "The RCG has experienced application developers on staff able to provide software infrastructure to aide in research and administration. Our group’s development is based on an agile style of software architecting to provide the quickest access to proto-type software for users to identify features and gather feedback early on. This enables us to develop projects in months instead of years and to add features as requested."

  • Storage and computation ( Data storage service )

    "Large-scale Storage

    The RCG Storage Cloud platform offers large-scale data storage at a very competitive price. Since the storage system is on campus, researchers can keep their data within the University network so as to not burden themselves (or the university) with off-campus data bandwidth costs.

    Dedicated Computation

    The RCG supplies computational resources to aid researchers in performing computationally intense operations."

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