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Bothner Lab


Research in the Bothner lab has two main focuses: (1) understanding the assembly, cell entry, and infection process of icosahedral viruses; (2) Chemical and systems biology approach to cellular stress response. This research takes us from the atomic scale provided by high resolution structural models of virus capsids, to complex interaction networks of nucleic acids, metabolites, and proteins that make up a living system. A diverse set of analytical, biophysical, biochemical, and cell biology techniques are used in the discovery process. The Bothner lab is part of the Center for Bio-Inspired Nanomaterials and the Thermal Biology Institute. Specific research projects include; Metabolomics, proteomics, and transcriptomics of cellular response to viral infection, oxidative stress, and heavy metals. Biophysical analysis of Adeno associated virus cell entry. Mechanism of novel Hepatitis B antiviral compounds.



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