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Organic synthesis has developed over the past 180 years to the extent that few organic compounds lie outside the realm of feasible construction. Despite such advances, the inability of chemical synthesis to construct molecules of even moderate complexity in a practical sense both reflects deficiencies in our understanding of chemical reactivity as well as serves to illustrate the need for new reaction development.

Towards redressing these shortcomings, I intend to initiate a research program that will focus foremost on the synthesis of architecturally interesting, biologically active compounds, with a strong emphasis on the development of novel reaction methodologies of general utility. In effect, natural product targets will serve as focal points for the development of new reactions, strategies, and stereoselective methods."

These goals will be initially pursued in the context of the natural products actinophyllic acid; the daphnicyclidin family of alkaloids; and the azatricyclic core of madangamine F.



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